There was no vacation for murder investigators over the new year

There were at least four murders, including that of a pregnant 15 year old, as the new year began.

Investigators also managed to make an arrest in a grisly case of two burned bodies that were discovered Thursday morning.

Agents detained a 19 year old Saturday morning in the murder the day before of  a  32 year old with the last name of Rocha in Tres Ríos. Agents detained the suspect in San Sebastián.  The murder stemmed from a dispute, said the Judicial Investigating Organization.

Another dispute claimed the life of a 27 year old with the last name of  Muñoz in Llanos de Santa Lucia in Paraíso de Cartago, said agents.

Th 15 year old was last seen Thursday in Herediana de Siquirres, said investigators. Her body turned up on the banks of a nearby river New Year’s day. She had ben shot in the head.

Perhaps the first murder victim of the year was a man who suffered five bullet wound in Mozotal de Goicoechea. That was at 2 a.m. New Year’s Day. Agents said his last name was Sojo and he was 47.

The man was gunned down while standing in the parking area of his home by someone in the street, said agents.

The arrest in the double murder took place Sunday morning of individuals 18, 22, 22 and 23 years of age, said agents.

The bodies of the dead men were partly burned, but agents said identification was made from their tattoos. Dead was a 29 year old with the last name of Solano and a 23 year old with the last name of Arias. Both lived in Cocorí en Cartago.

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