Those who died from flu had little in common

Those who have died of swine flu in December ranged in age from a 3-year-old male patient at the Hospital Nacional de Niños to a 77-year-old woman from Ciudad Quesada.

A summary of the 14 victims so far failed to disclose any geographical similarities. Although six persons died in the Hospital de San Carlos, their homes were in six separate communities.

There was one deaths at Hospital CIMA, that of a 41-year old woman listed as being from India. There was one death at Hospital Clinica  Católica, that of a 21-year-old who was suffering from convulsions.

All seemed to have some medical condition in addition to the flu. Three were listed as drug addicts.

Four had heart disease, including the child at the Hospital Nacional de Niños. Three were listed as obese.

Only two of the dead had received vaccinations.

This was the information provide by the Ministerio de Salud Wednesday.

Health officials are trying to ease public concern and note that some deaths take place each year due to respiratory problems. Five cases still are under investigation to see if AH1N1, swine flu, is involved.

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