Thousands of LP gas cylinders destroyed for customer safety

Expats who use liquid petroleum gas for cooking and other household purposes have fewer corroded cylinders that might cause an explosion.

The Ministerio de Ambiente y Energía said that its inspectors flagged and had destroyed  3,588 cylinders that were on the market by the four private gas providers.

Each of the four firms had significant numbers of corroded or damaged metal containers, the ministry reported. The cylinders hold 25 or 100 pounds of gas.

The ministry issued a directive about the condition of the cylinders last June. In part, it was the result of a fatal explosion in an Alajuela sandwich shop.

More inspections are likely to turn up more cylinders to be destroyed, the ministry said.

Don't try this at home! Workman punctures a cylinder.

Don’t try this at home! Workman punctures a cylinder.

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