Two men and a teen held in investigation of wave of murders

Judicial agents have detained two adults and a 17 year old who are suspected of being major players in the wave of murders the country experienced for the last two years.

The two men are 33 and 44. The younger man was detained Monday in Tarbaca.  Agents detained the 44 year old and the teen in Aserrí Wednesday afternoon, said the Judicial Investigating Organization.

The two adults are accused of being assassins. They are linked to the murder of two men June 7 in Los Guidos de Desamparados, said the investigating agency. There two men, 20 and 30, riding on a motorcycle were intercepted by men in a car and gunned down.

The pair also are accused of killing a woman motorist in Coyol de Alajuela last Nov. 7. The woman’s vehicle was intercepted by men in a taxi. They riddled the vehicle with an AK-47 and perhaps other weapons. A man riding with the woman suffered injuries.  The woman, Marcia Alejandra Guzmán Salazar, 34, later was identified as the sister of an imprisoned drug dealer.

The 33 year old also is accused in the June 1 murder of a man in Los Guidos. The victim intervened in a dispute between two other men and died as a result, said agents

The teen is being held in relation to a triple murder that took place Aug. 2 in Loma Linda de Desamparados. Two adults already have been detained in the investigation of that crime.

When agents raided the dwelling in Aserrí they also found a quantity of cocaine and money. They said they arrested two men, 27 and 34, there as suspects of drug trafficking.

In 2014 and last year Desamparados became a battleground as drug gangs struggled for control. The violence was such that the 2014 Christmas carnival was canceled.

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