Water, water and not a drop to drink

Sometimes when a Central Valley resident turns on the tap, there is no water. Rather than griping, thoughts should turn to the Isla Caballo and some of the other populated islands in the Gulf of Nicoya.

Residents there have to lug water from the mainland when there is no rain. There are about 300 persons living on the island, and the situation becomes a bit rough in the dry season.

Emergency commission officials say they are planning to put a barge with two water tanks in service for the island. Until then, a tap on dock at Puntarenas provided by the Instituto Costarricense de  Acueductos y Alcantarillados will provide free water.

Emergency officials just toured some of the islands to learn about conditions there.

Water has to be carried to the Isla Caballo.

Water has to be carried to the Isla Caballo.

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