Weather expected to turn windy and chilly today

There is another cold front that will bring higher winds to Costa Rica, the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional said Thursday. The weather institute predicted that the winds would pick up this morning and continue through the weekend.

The major intensity of the wind will be in the mountains, but gusts of from 60 to 80 kph (37 to 50 mph) were expected in Guanacaste and of from 50 to 75 kph (31 to 47 mph) in the Central Valley, the institute said.

Light rain and cloudiness is expected on the Caribbean coast and in the northern zone beginning today with a general drop in daytime temperatures in the center of the country and in the mountains, said the forecast.

The central and southern Pacific coasts also were expected to get higher winds in the higher elevations with mostly clear skies from today through the weekend.

The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional suggested precautions due to the wind and a halt to outdoor burning.

It said pilots and vehicle drivers should be alert for turbulence in the mountains.

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