What will happen in Europe in five years?

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

To preface, this is not a dissertation on whether President Obama is right on wrong in his recent efforts on gun control.

It’s obvious Mr. Kantrowitz enjoys taking numbers at face value and portrays the distinction between industrialized and non-industrialized as somehow noteworthy or, that it gives  credence to his comparative observations.  Fact remains, murder is murder, and dead is dead
regardless where it takes place.

Given that Mr. Kantrowitz is into generalizations, I would suggest that the U.S. propensity for accepting immigrants from here, there and everywhere throughout its existence, speaks for itself.  It would be interesting to fast forward five years to compare murder statistics for
European (industrialized) countries given the migration that has recently occurred.

Would be curious to know the source in support of the following statement made in his letter “More people are killed by these right wing terrorists then the Muslim scare we keep being told about.”

J. H. Penner
Richmond, British Columbia
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