An endorsement for Donald Trump

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

You cannot trust the Democrats. Hillary is the poster child for white privilege, above the law, and an evil politician. Bernie can’t do simple math and is a puppet for Geroge Soros like Barack Obama thru Hillary just gets cash from Soros but Bernie “claims” to be operating on small donations, while relying on the Soros internet organizations. And Soros wants to collapse America. That’s how he gets his jollies.

But you can’t trust the Republicans either. They pander to special interests and betray their electorate. Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush are all in the pocket of big banks. Ben Carson is great but not a leader. He is too quiet to lead.  That leaves Trump. Self-funded, he owes no special interest group. A world class businessman who tells you like it is, he would raise the standard of living for all Americans. He will get things done.  Facts and logic. If Trump gets elected he will be the best president of this century and the last century.  He will be good for Costa Rica, too, if he renegotiates the CAFTA trade treaty.  If Costa Rica wants to tax U.S.A. exports, then coffee and bananas should be taxed going into the U.S.A.

Robert Savage
San Pablo
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