Another windy weekend predicted

Go fly a kite would be a perfect suggestion for the weekend. The winds are [picking up again thanks to another cold front.

And the kite will have to be a sturdy one because winds are expected in the neighborhood of  70 to 80 kph, about 44 to 50 mph.

The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional suggested that there might be gusts of higher velocity in the mountainous regions.

February is no strange to winds, and Costa Ricans seem to complain more about the chilly weather than the winds. But the winds do have  way of stacking up trash in unwanted locations.

The weather institute also predicted rain n the northern zone and on the Caribbean coast, again a product of the cold front. There was a mist Thursday night in the Central Valley. Some rain might also fall in the higher elevations of the Central Valley, said the weather institute.

The wind in the last three weeks has downed utility poles and trees. There has been one death due to a falling tree.

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