Armed motorist turns the tables on would-be stickup artist

Health warning for crooks: Sticking up a car mired in traffic can be hazardous to your health.

An example is an 18 year old judicial investigators identified by the last name of Bermúdez.  The man is the principal suspect in an attempted stickup of a motorist and his family in San Sebastián Friday night about 9 p.m.

The Judicial Investigating Organization said that the man, later identified as Bermúdez approached the passenger window of the vehicle and displayed a firearm. The man demanded items carried by the vehicle occupants.

One of those items was a pistol carried by the driver, who was not identified. The driver appears to have been skilled in using it. Agents said later that the robbery suspect sustained seven

bullet wounds. He died at the scene.

The motorist, 35, drove to a nearby police station and surrendered. That might have been a wise move because the Fuerza Pública quickly detained a second individual, 21 years of age, who picked up the firearm of the dead suspect and was fleeing. Investigators have not concluded if the two men were working as a team.

The robbery attempt of a motorist is not unique. Frequently individuals with guns take the vehicle after threatening the driver, the so-called bajanazo.

Police said that the vehicle driver was fully permitted to carry a concealed weapon.

Prosecutors will study the case, and, if policy is followed, the firearm of the motorist will be confiscated for testing.

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