Cruz Roja goes into the water business

The Cruz Roja, frustrated by delays in increasing taxes that benefit the rescue agency, has gone into the water business. The Cruz Roja said

Bottles bear the Crux Roja symbol.

Bottles bear the Crux Roja symbol.

Wednesday that it had reached agreement with Xpinner Water, which produces bottles of spring water for sale.

The amount that the Crux Roja will profit by the deal was not given. But  Xpinner is in charge of distributing the bottles for retail sale at  725 colons each. The Cruz roja will provide storage space at its local facilities all over the country and allow the water distribution trucks to carry the Cruz Roja symbol, according to an announcement.

The Cruz Roja is a first responder to all sorts of emergencies. The agency received several different forms of income from taxes including the obligatory stamp on public documents. But a bill to raise the amount of the taxes had been stalled in the legislature.

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