Cruz Roja tax bill back to committee

The executive branch, which controls the legislative agenda until April 30 has downgraded a bill that would have given the Cruz Roja more money.

The rescue agency issued a press release Thursday lamenting the government decision. The Cruz Roja has a $2 million deficit, and the agency seeks more  operating money.

The bill, No. 19.234, won support in early January from Second Vice President Ana Helena Chacón, and it was included on the legislative agenda for action.

However, some amendments by the full legislature sent the bill back to the same committee, where the government’s full set of tax proposals are being discussed. Consequently, the government positioned the Cruz Roja bill in a lower position behind the massive tax package.

The Cruz Roja wants the 1 percent tax it gets on telephone bills to be doubled and an increase in cost of the agency’s stamp that is used on many legal documents from 200 colons to 500. The agency also wants 15 percent of money collected from traffic fines instead of the current 5 percent.

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