Cruz Roja to press for its new taxes

The Cruz Roja says approving an increase in the taxes the agency collects is urgent. The rescue agency said Wednesday that some of the local committees are in financial crisis because the bill has not been passed.

This is bill No. 19.234 that increases three taxes that the agency gets. The bill initially was to be considered this month, but the executive branch put it on the back burner so that other tax bills could be considered by the same legislative committee.

So the Cruz Roja plans a press conference today to present its case to the public.

The Cruz Roja wants the 1 percent tax it gets on telephone bills to be doubled and an increase in cost of the agency’s stamp that is used on many legal documents from 200 colons to 500. The agency also wants 15 percent of money collected from traffic fines instead of the current 5 percent.

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