Lawmaker wants to impound any more fuel rebates

Motorists no longer would benefit from the decline in the world price of petroleum under a plan put forth Tuesday by  Ottón Solís of the Partido Acción Ciudadana.

The lawmaker proposed that the current price of petroleum products be frozen even if the world price continues to fall. Although he did not specify, the proposal probably includes diesel, aviation gasoline, jet fuel and other petroleum products. He used the general Spanish term combustibles.

He proposed that President Luis Guillermo Solís issue a decree to that effect and create a fund to hold the difference between what the state petroleum monopoly pays and what the

consumer pays. Under his plan, the money in the fund would be used to stabilize the cost of petroleum when the world price again reaches $100 a barrel, which Solís seemed to believe was highly likely.

He said the plan also would stimulate the use of alternative sources of energy. Freezing the cuts in the price of petroleum is a responsible action, he said.

Fuel and liquid petroleum gas prices are fixed by a government agency each month based on the world price and the dollar exchange rate.
Solís, in a statement released by his political party, said that the current prices charged by the Refinadora Costarricense de Petróleo would be the floor.

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