Police anti-drug sweeps bring León XIII protest

Although the children’s game of cops and robbers makes clear distinctions between the good guys and the bad guys, life  is more complex.

Not everyone appreciates or approves of the work of the police.

That unhappiness surfaced Wednesday morning when residents of León XIII blocked streets.

The protesters said that they opposed the police presence in their Tibás community. León XIII is mainly low-income dwellings.

The Fuerza Pública said that the protesters included pirate taxi drivers in the area.

Police and the security ministry’s anti-drug unit has been conducting extensive operations in the community since the end of January.

Law officers have invaded so-called bunkers in the community, reinforced dwellings used as locations to sell and consume drugs. Anti-drug police have confiscated drugs

Protesters mingle in a León XIII street.

Protesters mingle in a León XIII street.

worth 1.4 billion colons or about $2.6 million, they said.

There was no violence associated with the protest, said police. But the action by the public underscores the disconnect between official anti-drug policy and and local opinion. There would be no drug dealers without consumption.

The open use of marijuana and crack can be seen in many sections of the Central Valley.

Police said they accepted a summary of the reasons for the protest.

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