Praise for service from RACSA

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

My house is connected to the internet through the wimax of Radiográfica Costarricense S.A. Sunday, Feb. 7, the service became very slow and intermittent.

Monday I got off to a bad start with RACSA, calling the hot line and electing to talk to the technical section. No reply for 90 minutes, when I had to go out.

The service was a little better on Tuesday. By Thursday it was miserable again, and this time I dialed 2 for general enquiries. An English response after three rings!

The advice was good (to reboot the modem) but the service soon returned to bad.

So I called again. This time, again after three rings, a young lady helped me in English. She told me that the response from my house was poor. The call was dropped. I rang back and the person who answered had all the data in front of him. He said I needed a house visit which he would arrange for that day. He called back to say his team would be with me (on Volcan Barva) in one hour. And they were!

Both spoke English. They tried to get my own 9-year-old receiver working and to point it at a better base station, but, after two hours had no joy. So they fitted a new receiver (hire cost $6 per month), and now I  have that ease of mind which only the well-connected enjoy. Excellent helpful service from RACSA.

Your readers may welcome a hymn of praise for a utility — for a change!

Mark Rhys
Roble de Heredia


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