President rejects his designation as enemy of sharks

President Luis Guillermo Solís says that an international non-profit organization was working with incorrect information when it named him an enemy of sharks.

Casa Presidencial listed several achievements of the administration, including more protection for hammerheads. Casa Presidencial also said that the administration was trying to tighten some of the wild life laws.

But the local MarViva said that Solís was nominated for the title by 30 Costa Rican environmental organizations.

The designation came from the organization Shark Project.

MarViva’s criticism of the president mainly involved the country’s position on adding more species to various endangered and threatened lists. However, the local organization also said that Solís had permitted the exportation of shark fins in February and December last year.

The current administration also has not supported a proposal to set up a zone where commercial fishing is prohibited along the Pacific coast.

That plan was introduced with much fanfare by the previous administration of Laura Chinchilla.

Commercial fishing interests are well financed and powerful, but expats who are familiar with the ocean have complained  of over exploitation and destruction of coral.

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