Protest today opposes squatter evictions

Protesters will be at Casa Presidencial this morning to support squatters who are being removed from land they do not own at Palma Sur.

The protesters identified themselves as the Coordinadora de Lucha Sur y el Comité de Solidaridad con el Sur. They said that 100 more families are about to be evicted from the land, and that a Sala IV appeal has failed.

This is land that is owned by Oscar Echeverria Heigold, who has been trying for years to get his farmland back from the squatters, many of them his former employees.

The squatters are the same individuals who camped out and sometimes blocked a key bridge on the Interamericana Sur.  They either would like the evictions to be stopped or for the government to give them free land.

The Luis Guillermo Solís administration is working to provide some government land to some of the former squatters. The evictions, however, are judicial actions over which the president has no control. The Defensoría de los Habitantes has intervened in the judicial process on behalf of the squatters.

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