Raids follow claims of violence to adults and minors in care centers

Judicial investigators took over three care centers Monday in an investigation of injuries to and mistreatment of the occupants.

The Patronato Nacional de la Infancia said it removed 19 youngsters from a home in Alajuelita  operated by the Asociación Divina Misericordia.  One location in Tres Ríos, La Unión, housed adults. A third location was in Ipis, Goicoechea, said the Judicial Investigating Organization.

Many of the persons in the homes are developmentally disabled. Judicial investigators said they had a complaint in November

suggesting that there was aggression against some of the residents.

Staffers at the  Hospital Nacional de Niños and its Comité Niño Agredido generated the complaint, said the Patronato. Also involved were the Consejo Nacional de Personas con Discapacidad and the Consejo Nacional de Personas Adultas Mayores.

The Partonato said that the complaints were so serious that the prosecutors involved obtained warrants to enter the homes.
Judicial agents said they confiscated computers, medical files and surveillance video tapes.

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