Rainy day slushy helps hungry plants

torleyheader062314What a perfect day for inside gardening. Cloudy, windy, raining like mad and determined to keep me in the house. No matter, I am prepared! Prepared how, you ask? I spent time last week gathering do-it-indoors

goodies: soil, moss, lichen and fungi. Doesn’t that sound like a great way to spend your time? Okay, maybe you don’t think so, but here is my rainy, miserable day perfect for indoor gardening plan.
First, you should know that I have a microwave oven. Many people have spurned them, but they are perfect for indoor gardening. The soil goes first in one of my good microwaveable Correll pots which holds about a kilo of damp soil.  It has to be damp or it won’t work. Microwave for five minutes and your soil is now sterile and nearly perfect for starting plants. Nearly because I have killed off the good bacteria along with the weed seeds and other things I didn’t want. I will use an Earth Right product to replace the good bacteria.

Next comes the moss which I removed from trees and rocks. (A perfectionist would clean it first to rid the moss of any dirt clinging to the roots, but I figure that there must be something good in the dirt.) This also gets dampened and goes in the microwave for 5 minutes and then into a new gallon zip-lock bag. I use the moss on top of my newly planted microwaved soil to prevent it from drying out.

Finally, the lichens and the mushrooms. Ewww. Well, they don’t go into the microwave, they go into the blender (no, it won’t be used for food). The lichens have to be cut in small pieces first as they are a bit woody and tough, but then they blend well.

Why lichens? Ah, because I did my research. Lichens are full of things that are good for plants! A lichen slushy contains nitrogen, carbon, organic acids, iron, proteins, vitamin A, bacteria, and vitamin B complex, to name just a few. Thoroughly smushed and liquefied, it can be fed to just about anything you grow to produce healthier plants.

Mushrooms should be easier to blend as they have a higher water content than lichens, but mine took just as much time. Mushrooms are high in nutrients including folate, phosphorus, iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, and trace elements. They also make a great mushroom slushy, and I am going to put them on the roses and citrus trees.

So, next time rain is forecast, and even if it isn’t because you never know, stock up on some of the things mentioned and spend your rainy day gardening.

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