Rights of squatters at the forefront

Both the government and proponents are outlining their efforts to ensure the human rights of squatters who are being evicted from Finca Changuina and Cuadrante de Finca 3 in Palmar Sur.

A vice minister of the Presidencia, Ana Gabriel Zúñiga Aporte, went on television Sunday night to defend how Casa Presidencial has handled the situation. She noted that the executive branch is bound by a decision in a legal process to remove the squatters from land owned by Oscar Echeverría Heigold.

She also noted that since 2014 the executive branch and some of its agencies have been providing housing for those displaced by the judicial order.

Last week the Sala IV constitutional court froze the evictions pending the consideration of yet another appeal.

The organization, which has an affiliation with the Centro de Amigos para la Paz, said that some of those who were detained Tuesday at a blockade on a bridge at the Interamericana Sur will give their side of the story today.

The organization also claims that the squatters were promoting their right to land and work.

This is one of the homes provided by the government.

This is one of the homes provided by the government.

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