Rx: Take two orchids every four hours

Feel my forehead? Do I seem feverish to you? I’m all itchy. Are there spots on my face? I feel woozy; will you catch me if I faint?

Remember “orchid mania” a couple weeks back? Well, we think it has turned into “orchid fever.”  The doc isn’t sure if this is the full-blown or just mild symptoms and only time will tell, but I get a twitchy feeling every time I go outside.

Why didn’t they tell me that orchids bloomed in the cold? Yes, torleyheader062314it’s cold for Aguacate, and the wind is howling. Okay, I knew that
there were temperate climate orchids but what are they doing here? I live in the tropics! There goes my blood pressure, another symptom I suppose.

Not that I was looking for orchids. I thought it was too chilly for orchids. After all, it was down 16 C (Metric Man made me put that in. It was actually 61 F) Yes, okay, foolish, because I have terrestrial orchids blooming but those are cultivars. (Whimper.) I thought I was safe, that I could walk through the jungle and across the fields without carrying a sack or even wearing gloves, but the wind had brought down some limbs and there they were! Orchids – orchids in bloom.

I approached. They were tiny. So tiny, so delicate, not even a centimeter. What could I do? After all, I couldn’t leave them all alone in the big outdoors. They needed a home, and we have plenty of space. We even have fern trees. Orchids love fern trees. So I did what had to be done. Carefully, tenderly, I lifted their moss-embedded roots and pulled them gently from the branch. I took off my jacket and made a carry-sack to tote them in. Then I gathered their poor broken friends and nestled them in the sack and wisely headed back to the house. After all, it’s chilly out there, and I was using my comfy jacket as a sack.  Besides that, it had started to rain.

So, here I am, back at the keyboard drinking hot chocolate to ward off the chill. Before I came in, though, I made sure each and every orchid (there were five) was attached onto a mossy tree branch or a fern tree trunk.

After all, I can fend for myself but orchids need to be tended.

Do I seem feverish to you?

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