Sabana senior dies when confronted by three home invaders

A 74-year-old Sabana resident dropped dead Sunday night when he confronted crooks in his home.

The Judicial Investigating Organization identified the man by the last name of  Cruz and said that the family had been the victim of another intrusion by probably the same crooks Saturday.

Judicial agents said that three masked bandits made their way into the home about 10 p.m. Sunday. They said Cruz was in bad health and attributed his death to a heart attack. The crooks fled.

Another home invasion took place Monday morning in Puriscal. There three crooks tricked their way into the home of two seniors, said the judicial agency.

A man appeared at the door about 8 a.m. and said that he was there to do some plumbing work, and one of the residents let him in. He and his companions tied up and gagged the pair and then ransacked the home.

They took about 14 million colons, said judicial investigators. That is a bit more than $26,000. The pair were freed when a neighbor noticed their door was ajar and investigated, said agents.

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