Suspect in Mata Palo multiple murders being sought in Nicaragua

Investigators are blaming extreme domestic violence in the murder of a U.S. expat, his wife and three children. The killings were discovered Tuesday.

The prime suspect, identified as Adrián Salmerón Silva, is believed to have fled to Nicaragua, and investigators are seeking help in that country to find him.

The man was the live-in boyfriend of the woman in the unusual domestic arrangement in Mata Palo de Santa Cruz.

The dead expat was identified as Dirk Bouchamp, 58. His wife was identified as Jessica Durán. The assailant hacked to death

with a machete the couple and three children and injured one more.

Bouchamp was believed to have been a pensioner living for several years in the community. He is the father of one of the surviving children who is 3 years old. That child was injured seriously, said investigators, and went to the Hospital Nacional de Niños. The suspect is the father of at least one of the survivors, a 3 month old, who was unhurt.

Ms. Durán was reported to have left her husband some months ago but then returned to the home with her new boyfriend in time to have his child.

Bouchamp was reported to have been in ill health.

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