Tourism firms begin to feel impact of zika fears

Tourism operators are confirming reports that reservations have been canceled due to fears about the zika virus.

The confirmations involve tourism operations along the central and southern Pacific coast, although there may have been some at places on the Caribbean.

The country has made the list of those treated in news stories in The New York Times and on NBC, as well as other U.S. national media. And the U.S. State Department has added Costa Rica to the list of countries where there is active zika virus transmission.

That probably related to one case of a tourist who may have contracted zika while visiting Nosara in December.

page in Trip Advisor is full of concerns by pregnant women and some who expect to become pregnant who have trips planned to Costa Rica. The general advice from medical experts is for pregnant and potentially pregnant women to refrain from travel in zika territory or to take major precautions.
The Web site also contains a comment from a man who worries about losing a non-refundable lodging deposit. Some airlines already have agreed to make refunds.

Zika has been linked to microcephaly, small heads and damaged brains, in newborns, but there is no scientific confirmation.  Some alternative publications in the United States are suggesting that a microcephaly epidemic in Brazil might, instead, be caused by dangerous agrochemicals and pesticides.

Meanwhile, the Ministerio de Salud has embarked on a major spraying campaign, and just Friday graduated 36 technicians trained in fumigation and practical entomology.

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