Two more pedestrian elevators in service

Two more sets of elevators have gone into service at pedestrian bridges in the metro area.

One set is on the east side of Parque La Sabana. The other is at the bridge over the Circunvalación in Hatillo 5. The  Consejo Nacional de Vialidad said that installing the elevators cost $1.1 million.

They join six others in the metro area that were installed for $1.3 million. They are in San Diego de La Unión over the Autopista Florencio del Castillo, in front of Hospital México, over the Autopista General Cañas and at Quesada Durán over the Circunvalación.

The elevators were ordered by the Sala IV constitutional court based on Ley  7.600, which addresses the rights of the disabled.

Other pedestrian overpasses have long access ramps that provide for the disabled. But those bridges in cramped locations required elevators.

Unfortunately, not all pedestrians want to use the bridges. They shortcut across the six-lane highways. Last week a Hatillo resident died adjacent to one of the overpasses after he chose not to use it.

The elevators themselves are headaches for highway officials. Although there are surveillance cameras inside, vandals still damage them and sometimes put them out of service.

This is the bridge at the east side of La Sabana.

This is the bridge at the east side of La Sabana.

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