Unhappy taxi drivers to protest today

Licensed taxi drivers have a lot to be unhappy about, and they plan to show it today with another wheeled protest.

The protest is expected to begin at 6 a.m. with the emphasis on the operations of Uber in the country.

Representatives of the taxi drivers met with a vice minister Sunday at Casa Presidencial, but there was no resolution.

For years, taxi drivers have been protesting the activities of unlicensed drivers, the portadores or pirates depending on the point of view. Various efforts have been made to reach an agreement satisfactory to the licensed and unlicensed drivers.

Just when it appears that such an agreement would be reached, Uber arrived on the scene.

The government says it considers the Internet-based service illegal, but President Luis Guillermo Solís has declined to do anything about the situation, perhaps because Uber also has installed a call center in Costa Rica and is providing jobs.

The licensed taxi drivers want Uber to be run out of business and they have gone so far as to suggest that the government block the internet sites through which residents can obtain the services of  Uber part-time driver.

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