Victim helps crooks loot bank account

Creative crooks have come up with a new way to loot a bank account.

Judicial investigators said that one business lost 130 million colons (about $245,000) when a sales agent fell for a trick engineered by the crooks. The Judicial Investigating Organization explained:

A man who identified himself as a physician sought bids from a materials supply house and said he was about to make a substantial deposit into the company’s account. However, the caller said he was having trouble making the deposit and suggested a conference call with a bank employee.

Of course, the supposed bank employee was a confederate of the crook and managed to have the sales agents provide details including pin numbers of the company accounts.

The sales agency tumbled to the con while still on the telephone but by the time he alerted the bank, substantial sums had been sucked from his company’s account. As the bank was freezing the account, other individuals were withdrawing sums from the accounts into which the crooks had moved the money.

Agents said that the same trick was played successfully on individuals.

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