A hotel thief can really put a crimp into that pura vida feeling

Tamarindo lost some of its pura vida luster for a 70-year-old tourist from Quebec. The woman reported that she lost $6,000, 200,000 colons and gold chains with great sentimental value to a hotel room thief.

The problem all started when the woman, Monica Peloquin, was told to bring cash for dental work. She said she was told that cash transactions are easier in Costa Rica. The real reason for such instructions might be that some medical providers can duck income tax by accepting cash.

In any event, the cash and the three gold chains inherited from her late mother and sister were in a hotel lock box that was burglarized a week before she was to return home. Also missing was a watch and two pair of new sunglasses.

The woman is no newbie. She said she was a journalist and director of special projects for a travel magazine for the agents and the world of service to tourism.

Ms. Peloquin reported that she ran into some Canadian friends who lost $10,000 and a passport from a vehicle in the same community.

From them she also learned that they had to make trips to Santa Cruz to Liberia to file a police report. She said she

Monica Peloquin and friend.

Monica Peloquin and friend.

made a report to local police for insurance purposes.

“The vida way of some Ticos and Ticas is far from pure,” she said by email.

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