April 1 is a bit late for playing an April fool joke in Costa Rica

Friday is April 1, but expats in Costa Rica already have missed their chance to designate an April fool. Latin America celebrates the same sort of day Dec. 29, the Día de los Santos Inocentes. This is a humorous twist on the Bible account of King Herod having all the infants killed in an unsuccessful effort to murder the newborn Jesus.

The idea of playing a prank on a friend goes back hundreds of years in the West and may be much older in other cultures. All things considered, being a fool is not bad. Monarchs employed fools or court jesters to tell them facts that would have been dangerous for others to mouth. William Shakespeare made heavy use of fools in his plays to the extent that some of his actors were known from their fool roles.

College newspapers and even some allegedly professional ones sometimes create false stories or editions for April 1 in the United States. But with the primary election season in full flower there one simply has to print the news from the wires.

Fools have a tendency to seek revenge!

Fools have a tendency to seek revenge!

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