Artists are planning to make El Farolito shine again

Directions in Barrio Escalante generally involve El Farolito, the lantern that stands in the traffic circle of the same name.

The metal object is notable for a number of reasons. The lantern came from England about 1850. The lantern has not been demolished by a speeding vehicle. And crooks have not dismantled it for the metal.

Unfortunately, the little streetlight, as the English translation would be, does not light.

Artists at the adjacent Centro Cultural de España are going to do something about that Wednesday night as part of another edition of Art City Tour. The Centro also is marking the opening of an international design fair.

Plans are to project a laser light to make the Farolito shine again. The Centro said that strategically placed mirrors on some of the dwellings in the neighborhood will be involved in the display.

This is being considered an artistic creation in public space by the Centro and artists Luciano Goizueta and Paco Cervilla. The event is to take place at 7 p.m., the Centro said.

Art City Tour is an evening when the metro area’s museums, galleries and other cultural spots are open free to the public.

Transportation even is provided.

There is not a lot of history available about the Farolito and why it was imported 166 years ago. The concrete base bears the name of the Edwin Maw & Co, Liverpool, the

The El Farolito is a major landmark.

The El Farolito is a major landmark.

presumed vendor. At the time Barrio Escalante, which is now an upscale neighborhood with fine restaurants and luxury homes, was mostly agricultural land.

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