Bandits conduct a confusing invasion of an expat enclave in Pozos

Armed men, and perhaps a women, rampaged in a section of Pozos de Santa Ana Saturday night.

The consensus of residents is that the bandits had been misinformed and became confused.

Informal sources said the bandits first invaded Condos Via Nova on Calle Miramontess.

Then three persons with ski masks and gloves invaded the Residencias los Jardines, said owner Brian Timmons. The property includes some 24 homes set on 2.5 acres.

Residents in one home were approached by the trio, and one of the bandits located a safe that the occupant would not open.

At some point the bandits realized that they were in the wrong location. They seemed to be in contact with someone on a radio. While they pondered their next move, one or more of the crooks

managed to take car keys from a resident. But he could not open
the compound fence, so he jumped over the fence and briefly stole a car on the street, said the informal sources. Another intruder tried to steal a motorcycle, said Timmons.

The intruders did not appear to have managed to take any items during the invasion about 9 p.m..

The Judicial Investigating Organization confirmed the crime but said that the report of the agents who responded was not yet available.

At some point after leaving the residential properties someone fired off four or five rounds, perhaps into the air, said several witnesses.

Los Pozos has a high percentage of expat residents, and it is considered generally secure.

Witnesses reported a massive response by the Fuerza Pública within five minutes.

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