Big holiday week is fast approaching

Many workers are looking toward Friday afternoon when they can begin their Samana Santa holiday. Some with available vacation days already are packing the car for a trip to the beach.

Police agencies and the Cruz Roja have outlined their holiday plans, which are about the same as for other vacations.  About 300 Cruz Roja workers will be manning 139 aid stations starting Saturday.

Some 689 traffic police officers will be on duty along the nation’s highways.  There will be at least 148 speed traps. Traffic officers will be concentrating on the La Fortuna area as well as the metro area, the highway that connects San Vito with Limoncito and the Caribbean coast highway between Limón and Bribri, said officials.

Naturally one of the priorities will be drunk drivers.

Traffic officers will begin their holiday efforts Saturday, too.  Last year during the Easter holidays they handed out nearly 8,000 traffic tickets and handled 1,644 accidents. Eight persons lost their lives in traffic mishaps during Semana Santa, the agency reported.

Cruz Roja lifeguard on duty during a holiday.

Cruz Roja lifeguard on duty during a holiday.

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