Demise of shrimp trawling bill praised

The central government’s plan to reinstate trawling for shrimp has hit a road block in a legislative committee.

The Fundación MarViva, an environmental organization, expressed its pleasure with the decision by the Comisión de Ambiente. The organization noted that the measure was pushed by Vivienne Solís Rivera, the sister of  President Luis Guillermo Solís Rivera and a biologist.

A number of families on the Pacific coast have depended on trawling as a way of catching shrimp. But the Sala IV constitutional court outlawed the practice in 2013. The fishing method damages valuable coral and also snags sea turtles. Since then representatives of the shrimp fishing industry and fishermen and their families have pushed the new law that would have voided the Sala IV decision.

The Centro de Investigación en Ciencias del Mar y Limnología of the Universidad de Costa Rica came out against the proposed law last week, MarViva noted.

With the May 1 reorganization of the legislature, there is a possibility that the bill might find a more friendly committee.

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