Firearms protect us form the state

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

It’s almost like watching some kind of twisted history channel. Propaganda is passed down from high government positions to their friends in the media. Suddenly food chains are responsible for fat people, inflation is caused by foolish spending habits of the people, and guns have minds of their own.

John Moses Browning finally made us equal in a fight by designing a handgun even your mother could use to save her life. Before that, might was right. Now, with training, a peaceful man or woman may defend themselves and their families. Whats wrong with that?

This may not be a popular subject, but in the last 100 years, governments took the guns of its citizens in order to save them. These same governments, over that same 100 years, proceeded to murder 179 million of its own unarmed citizens. This is why free countries allow its citizens to keep and carry firearms for self protection–and–protection from a state gone mad with power!

Cases like this should always make the papers. Thank you for keeping a level playing field

Paul Furlong

Editor’s note: Furlong is referring to a news story Monday about a motorist who shot and killed an armed robber who confronted him during a traffic jam.

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