Government and paper squabble over salary

Casa Presidencial acted quickly Saturday to dismiss a report in El Diario Extra that the head of the Banco Central was making 14 million colons a month.

The daily newspaper also reported that he received a big raise when compared to his predecessor. The monthly amount is about $26,400, which is well above the average for government employees.

The central bank chief, Olivier Castro Pérez, is only making 10.1 million colons, said Casa Presidencial in a hasty news release. That is only $19,130 a month

La Extra quickly posted a revision to its Web page saying “We didn’t lie.” The newspaper said that Casa Presidencial was reporting the net salary after deductions for social charges like the monthly assessment for the Caja Costarricense se Seguro Social. The gross salary is, indeed, 14 million colons a month, the newspaper affirmed.

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