He questions GMO research report

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

Today’s article on genetically modified crops is highly suspect as to its impartiality and hidden agenda. I have read on the internet of many different studies that GMO crops are failing to produce increased yields, sometimes less, increased cost due to patented seeds and chemicals, many suicides in India due to loss of self esteem when farmers can’t make a living with the GMO system, the development of super weeds that roundup can’t kill, the additional very dangerous herbicide 2,4-D has to be added to roundup to control weeds, Roundup is being found to be dangerous to humans and wildlife, the soil is being contaminated, food plant varieties are being lost rapidly, and so on.

I believe you need to follow the money trail all the way back to the original source to find out who really paid for the studies and how that entity stands to benefit from those conclusions. I urge you to research the whole matter to its beginning and report to us the whole truth.

Joseph Lassiter
Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste
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