Lights around international airport getting beefed up

Five teams from the state power company are changing the lights in the vicinity of Juan Santamaría airport. They are putting in 400 LED lamps, light-emitting diodes, in place of the existing, older lighting.

The Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad  said the work should be done by the beginning of next month. The teams have been at work since February.

The new lights are being placed from the toll station in the Autopista General Cañas not far from the airport to the Hospital San Rafael de Alajuela. That includes the entrances and exits from the airport as well as the entrance to Alajuela Centro, said the power company.

LED lamps are more efficient and last longer

Fixture are supposed to give more visibility.

Fixture are supposed to give more visibility.

than incandescent and fluorescent fixtures. In addition, the company said that the new fixtures will increase the visibility for drivers.

The company said that traffic is not being affected by the work. Utility customers pay for public lighting on their monthly bills.



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