Museum now has videos and booklets on spheres

The Museo Nacional has come out with promotional videos and booklets for the stone spheres in the canton of Osa on the south Pacific coast.

The museum said that it has put six short videos about the spheres on YouTube. And  Minor Castro, a museum archaeologist has penned a booklet mainly for children about the stone spheres and the culture that created them. The booklet is called  “Una expedición al delta del Diquís.”

A museum announcement said that the booklet will be distributed to area schools and also provided to students when they visit the stone sphere museum in Palmar Norte.

A more ambitious effort for adults is a 50-page, bilingual description of the sites on which the spheres are now located: Finca 6, Batambal, Grijalba II and El Silencio.

Corrales was in charge of the project that managed successfully to have the spheres added to the World Heritage List of the U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in 2014. He also is an archaeologist and former museum director.

Museo Nacional has constructed a satellite museum at Finca 6, but promotion has been minimal.

Scientists believe the round stones were first created about 600 A.D., with most dating to after 1,000 A.D. but before the Spanish conquest. There are about 300 of them and some are household ornaments in the Central valley.

Recent studies suggest the spheres were household ornaments in the pre-Columbian communities where they were made.

The speculation is that the spheres were signs of power placed outside the home of various leaders.

This is the booklet for school children.

This is the booklet for school children.

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