New program seeks to rebuild men

The goal is ambitious. The Poder Judicial has set up a plan to reduce violence against women. The name is Hombres en Construcción.

Police officers almost always believe women when they complain about being roughed up by the man in the house. The officers require the man to leave.

One problem is that the man sometimes tries to return and get revenge. Murders have been the result, despite legal injunctions against the man.

Last May the judiciary’s victims office started the program that involved group therapy. So far about 80 men have participated in the program.

The 25 group sessions address such aspects as managing anger, jealousy, violence and masculinity, said the Poder Judicial. The sessions are under the direction of psychlogists.

Men enter the program while an investigation is continuing based on the complaint of the woman. There is an interview process and recommendations by judicial officials.

The Poder Judicial said that for many of them men do not return to live with the woman who filed the complaint, but if there are children they learn to be a father from a distance.

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