New, upscale face of Nosara featured in N. Y. Times

Nosara got a big tourism boost Wednesday when a New York Times reporter profiled the Pacific coast community. The article is online HERE and will appear in the printed newspaper Sunday, the newspaper said.

The story focused on John S. Johnson III, the Buzzfeed co-founder, who has purchased some hotels in the community.

The writer is Eric Lipton, identified as a Times Washington correspondent.

The North America winter is the time of year when favored major market reporters take off for warmer climes and return home with travel articles.

The article sketched the transformation of Nosara from a low-budget surfer paradise to a yuppie enclave.  Lipton said that Johnson gets $990 a night for a two-bedroom bungalow at Christmastime. The article also stressed that “Nosara puts a premium on natural preservation.”

Those who have not been to the far Pacific coast lately might be surprised to learn that 22

A Tico family takes in the sunset on Playa Guiones at Nosara while rain clouds gather in the west.

A Tico family takes in the sunset on Playa Guiones at Nosara while rain clouds gather in the west.

restaurants now exist at the Playa Guiones intersection.

Lipton relays mixed feelings about what some say is the New York-centric atmosphere. Of
Nosara, he said “. . . it has become an impromptu gathering place, particularly during the peak season, of filmmakers, fashion designers, journalists, Silicon Valley tech executives and New York bankers, their spouses, and children, as well as a sprinkling of European families who somehow heard about the place.”

The Times-style article is comprehensive and high in detail. However, Lipton fails to mention that Nosara, like the rest of Costa Rica’s beach communities, are being challenged this year by the fears of potential tourists over the zika virus. In fact, community residents were shocked to learn that among the first zika cases in the United States was that of a Texas tourist who was in Nosara in December.

That is why the Ministerio de Salud has conducted extensive fumigation in the community and searched for potential mosquito breeding spots. The danger is not yet over. The ministry reported Wednesday that confirmed zika cases in nearby Sámara now total seven.

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