Now those window-breaking crooks are arming themselves

Those window-breaking thieves continue to plague motorists in the Hatillo section of the Circunvalación, and the crooks have converted themselves into robbers.

Time was when the worst that could happen to a motorist stuck in traffic was to have someone smash the passenger side window and steal a handbag or briefcase on the passenger seat.

Fuerza Pública officers grabbed two suspects as a crime was taking place against a taxi driver on the four-lane highway early Tuesday. They found that one man had a .38-caliber revolver and the other had a kitchen knife.

So far in the last nine days, police had detained four

This is the knife and other evidence confiscated Tuesday.

This is the knife and other evidence confiscated Tuesday.

individuals, including the two held Tuesday, for crimes involving motorists.

Hatillo has three intersections with traffic lights on the Circunvalación, which is the southern bypass route for the capital. Sometimes the traffic is tied up for several hundred yards.

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