Organized crime bill voted out of legislative committee

A legislative committee approved Thursday and sent to the full assembly a bill that sets up a parallel judicial system to handle organized crime cases.

The bill would create separate trial tribunals and separate appeals courts. The bill also calls for providing protection to those judicial workers involved in organized crime cases.

The bill grew out of concern about possible criminal penetration of the Poder Judicial and the vulnerability of prosecutors and judges. 

In last-minute addition, the bill would change the name of the Dirección de Inteligencia y Seguridad to the Dirección de Inteligencia Estratégica Nacional.

The bill is concerned mostly with drug organizations, which a preface says become involved in trafficking, piracy, money laundering and other non-drug major crimes. The initial bill described a crime organization being composed of at least two persons who have specific roles in planning to commit a major crime.

The committee passed a revised text for which the contents are not yet available.

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