Police raids snarl traffic in capital

A law enforcement raid Wednesday near the Museo de Niños threw vehicle traffic into chaos.

Judicial agents supported by the Fuerza Pública closed off major streets, including avenidas 5 and 7 while they conducted searches of the businesses on those avenues and also on calles 2 and 4.

Police simply cordoned off Avenida 7 with a thin piece of plastic ribbon and then parked their vehicles across the roadway. Some three blocks of the busy street were blocked to traffic from about 11 a.m. to after 4 p.m.

Officers made no effort to reroute traffic. Thousands of motorists were forced to find a way around the unexpected barrier. There were no traffic police in evidence. Most found they had to double back to the five-corner intersection in Barrio México.

The Judicial Investigating Organization said that nine men and a woman were detained as drug vendors. Police confiscated 100 crack rocks, 47 baggies of marijuana and 91,300 colons (about $172) in cash, they said.

This was the second time in a year for a massive police operation in the area known as Tierra Dominicana. There is a high percentage of Haitians in the area now.

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