Security ministry says that another appeal has frozen evictions

Officials at the Ministerio de Seguridad Pública said Monday that they are waiting for yet another Sala IV constitutional court decision before they proceed with evictions at Finca Chánguena near Palmar Sur.

Although the court declined to hear one appeal last week, the ministry said that there is another pending. The court noted then that the ministry was acting subject to a judicial order.

The Sala IV froze the eviction of some 100 families in mid-February. The security ministry said that the decision that is awaited covers all the families who are squatting on the land. There have been other evictions, and some of those removed from the land have been protesting at a bridge over the Río Térraba on the Interamericana Sur.

Flurries of legal actions are a typical strategy in such cases. And lawyers seldom are penalized for repetitive and excessive filings.

The evictions have become a political issue because some in Costa Rica believe the right to land outweighs the rights of a property owner. There are slogans painted on the walls in downtown San José that say in Spanish that the land belongs to those who work it.

Meanwhile the central government is trying to find land and housing for those who have been and will be evicted.

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