Shrimp trawling bill appears dead for at least this legislative session

Environmentalists are expressing their pleasure that a bill to reinstitute trawling for shrimp has been withdrawn by the executive branch.

Among them is the Fundación MarViva which said that Thursday the executive branch withdrew the measure from the Comisión de Ambiente. The foundation said that also happy were academics, some fishing organizations and members of the Liberación Nacional and Frente Amplio political parties.

The Sala IV ruled in August 2013 that trawling was unconstitutional because of the environmental damage it does.

Those in the industry have been trying since to find a way around the ruling.

Shrimp trawlers sometimes trap sea turtles in the nets and also do damage to coral under water.

MarViva said that the bill was opposed by 16 different organizations.

Those who made their living by trawling for shrimp naturally sought a bill that would allow them to continue working. Casa Presidencial was sympathetic.

A revised bill could be sent again to lawmakers.

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