Smokey gets a hand from Toño Pizote with new smartphone app

The Great White North has its Smokey the Bear to warn about forest fires. In Costa Rica, the job belongs to Toño Pizote.

And Toño is featured in a new smart phone app that is being distributed by the Ministerio de Ambiente y Energía, the  Sistema Nacional de Áreas de Conservación and the Programa Nacional de Manejo del Fuego. The app is available at Play Store and the App Store under the name “Conoce más sobre los incendios forestales.”

March is the driest month in much of Costa Rica, and the drought in the western part of the country also contributes to a tinder dry forest land.

The app access an ebook in Spanish that is designed to raise the consciousness of children to forest fires. The bulk of the fires are caused by humans, said the ministry.  The app also is the access to two online games with forest fire themes, said the ministry.

The gentle and ubiquitous pizote is an appropriate mascot. The tree dweller tends to create a lot of ruckus when there is a woods fire.

The long-nosed critters have pretty well taken over the Escazú landscape.

Toño Pizote and the face page of the new app.

Toño Pizote and the face page of the new app.

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