Sock campaign designed to help a disabled baby sloth

Anakin is slower than most baby sloths. The rescued forest dweller happens to be paralyzed from the waist down.

The environmental organization Kids Saving the Rainforest, is trying to help.

The Manuel Antonio-based organization has made a deal with a sock manufacturer to produce socks with the image of  Yogi, another three-toed sloth who is the organization’s mascot.

Jennifer Rice, a founder of the organization, said Tuesday “Our sock campaign only has 79 hours left to buy so it is time sensitive.”

She suggests that readers “show your passion for the rainforest, all things sloth, or just adorable footwear! These make great spring holiday basket fillers, winter holiday gifts, and radical race-wear for the runners in your life.”

The cause of Anakin’s paralysis is unknown, but Ms. Rice said “we are searching for answers. Anakin deserves a chance at life, and in order for us to give him that chance,

This is the injured sloth Anakin.

This is the injured sloth Anakin.

we need access to medical technology that we cannot afford right now. ”Kids Saving the Rainforest gets half of the purchase price. More information is HERE!

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