There are better ideas than a corporate tax slush fund

Lawmakers are expected to consider soon a revised version of the tax on corporations.

The tax would generate $50 to $80 million annually for a security ministry slush fund. This is a dedicated tax that would not be part of the national budget.

The bill is a revision of the tax that was declared unconstitutional for technical reasons more than a year ago. The security ministry and a few other government agencies that would share in the income are pushing hard for passage.

This is a bad idea for a government that is tottering close to bankruptcy. We believe those in the security ministry now are honorable people, but over the course of 10 to 12 years, the tax would generate perhaps as much as $1 billion that would be spent at the whims of those in power. At the least, the money should be applied to the national debt.

The central government wrote a bill that prohibited the use of the funds for such things as travel and overtime. Yet the income from the tax would free other ministry funds for travel, overtime and other luxury investments.

The new bill also reduced the tax on inactive, small and medium-sized corporations.

That is a big selling point.

Would it not be better to drastically reduce  the law enforcement workload and legalize

Police officers spend yet another day hacking away at wild marijuana plants in the high Talamancas.

Police officers spend yet another day hacking away at wild marijuana plants in the high Talamancas.

the cultivation and sale of marijuana. Anti-drug agents and the Servicio Nacional de Guardacostas spend a lot of effort tracking down marijuana importers, growers and sellers.

But is not the marijuana plant a candidate for a major, legal industry here?

Colorado has legalized recreational use. There is a direct flight from Costa Rica to Denver. Such an enterprise would raise far more money than the proposed tax and open up major sources of governmental revenue.

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