There are idiots in Congress, too

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

I advocate Donald Trump against Bernie Sanders.  One total outsider with one who might as well have been.   Both are running on platforms/positions that are antithetical to the Washington, D.C., establishment.   So far, neither the press nor the establishment Republicans get it. Both are clueless why Trump the whacko and Bernie the socialist are still hanging around this election season.   Although nuanced by other factors, the bottom line is most of America is so disenchanted with the crap and BS that goes on in Washington, D.C., that they would vote for a rodent before voting for someone who identifies as an insider.

The sad thing is that all these bright minded voters do not get the problem when it comes to their own elected senators and representatives.   Those politics operate on the premises that they are all bums except for the guy/gal we elected.  Sad, sad, sad.

The President does not create or pass laws that another body must sign off on.   Only congress has that power and they have done an extremely poor job getting the needed laws in place.  Congress is, in fact, the entity responsible for our totally messed up tax system.  A citizen ought to be able to do their taxes without assistance from a CPA, an accountant, or a software computer program.   Ours is an absolute disgrace.

Congress is responsible for the lack of any cohesive law/policy on illegal immigrants.   Congress is responsible for the corporate welfare of corporations large enough to rival many countries.   Congress is responsible for every law in place in the U.S.   Yet, election after election, voters keep returning their idiots back to the Senate or House to do the job of ????,,,, gee, what are these clowns actually supposed to be doing?   lol.   Not much I guess.

So let’s get one idiot after another in the White House with almost no chance of getting anything done assuming they actually do get elected.   Hopefully one of these egos will take the time to explain in simple language to the American voting public how our devised system works and why it is important to implement single term limits for all federal jobs in Congress.

I used to run a business. I was constantly solicited by these parties to give them $$$.    Finally, I got tired of it.   I promised each one the sum of $10,000 if they would sign in writing and publicly declare support for single term limits for any elected employee of the U.S. government.   I did this in writing and by leaving a detailed message.   I never got a call back, although they were still begging me for my $200 donation right up until election day.   The U.S. needs to scrap a bunch of laws and start over.
Gary Keenan
Cariari/Belen, Heredia

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